BC Hardwood is proud to offer probably the BIGGEST engineered hardwood floor available. These extra-long, extra-wide planks are both rustic and elegant, depending on the wood choice and finish style. The dimensions are what make these floors spectacular: 7′ long, 7″ wide. The top wear layer is nearly a full 1/4″ thick.

Engineered hardwood is one of the most utilized hardwood products in the industry today. It is the desired species of hardwood combined with a different substrate material such as Baltic birch. The ‘Lamella” or “Top layer” of the hardwood product varies in thickness, and is a chief indicator of the product’s quality.  Engineered hardwood can do all of the things a sold can do and more! It can be utilized below grade, over radiantly heated subfloors, and come in a wide variety of overall thicknesses, widths, colors, cuts, and grades. Your B.C. Hardwood Project Manager can help guide you through this selection process. A common misconception people have about engineered flooring is the longevity aspect; thinking engineered has a shorter lifespan than solid. While this was the case when engineered was first introduced, the top layers we see from our European partners now rival even the most robust solid wood products.

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