Vancouver Airport Foyer Floor

Commercial & Large-Scale Flooring Projects

No matter how basic or challenging your project, we’ll customize a solution using acrylic impregnated engineered hardwood or commercial prefinished engineered hardwood flooring – products that offer the colour choice, durability and beauty that you need. Be sure to ask about our site-finished, long length floors for high profile areas such as boardrooms and executive offices.

We are also an excellent resource for design and building professionals who require detailed technical specifications and custom work, and who need to stay abreast of new products and innovative installations.

Look for our high performing installations in GM Place, throughout the Vancouver International Airport, in corporate head offices and private clubs, and at the famous Empress Hotel in Victoria. We’ve also installed custom stage floors at The Chan Centre and other popular performing venues. Should you prefer to handle the installation, we’ll be glad to supply you with quality materials.

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