Sound Barrier Systems

Reduce Noise Transference

Strata councils increasingly demand sound barriers installed with hardwood floors.

Using a sound absorbing underlay beneath the hardwood floor considerably reduces noise transference. After thorough testing of the many options currently available, BC Hardwood recommends and installs a specially manufactured underlay for optimal sound absorption.

Sound barriers can be installed:

  1. directly under floating floors
  2. under glue-down floors
  3. under a nail-down floor when the subfloor is floating

Radiant Heated Floors

Solid wood flooring can be installed over Radiant Heat, provided the recommended flooring materials are used, and the installer is experienced in this type of installation.

Site preparation is as follows:

  1. The slab, subfloor and sleepers must be tested for moisture and confirmed dry.
  2. The radiant heat system should be running at 20 degrees celsius for two weeks prior to delivery of wood flooring to site and should remain on throughout the installation process.
  3. Thermostat controls must be fully operational to avoid overheating the floor.
  4. If the heat has to be turned off always do so gradually 5 degrees celsius at a time. This will avoid unnecessarily shocking the floor with sudden heat loss or gain.
  5. Covering to protect the floor after installation should be done with builders paper.

There are four different radiant heated subfloor types:

Direct Glue-Down to Concrete

Our premium site-finished solid wood flooring may be adhered directly to the concrete.

  1. Allows solid, traditional hardwood flooring to be glued directly to slab or radiant heated slab
  2. No additional plywood subfloor needed
  3. No sleepers needed in the concrete
  4. Sound inhibiting underlays can be employed
  5. This application minimizes shrinkage
  6. Finished height is ½” above subfloor, perfect for transitions to tile and carpet
  7. Our premium floors are available in a wide range of species and colours


Nailed to ¾” Plywood

Plywood should be glued and screwed to the sleepers. Sleepers will be embedded in concrete with only the tops showing.

  1. Allows a choice of borders and hardwood direction
  2. No risk of puncturing a radiant heat pipe
  3. Expect some separation during the heating season


Nailed to Two Layers of Floating ½” Plywood

Plywood floats directly on top of the radiant slab.

  1. Sleepers are unnecessary
  2. Expect some separation during the heating season
  3. Allows a choice of borders and hardwood direction
  4. No risk of puncturing a radiant heat pipe
  5. Sound barrier can be installed


Nailed Directly to 2″ X 4″ Sleepers

Sleepers are to be no more than 12″ on centres, kiln dried and pressure treated. Hardwood should be narrowface widths or quarter cut grain pattern.

  1. Must choose hardwood direction before sleepers are installed
  2. Expect some separation during the heating season
  3. Temperature control must be carefully monitored. 20 degrees celsius is optimum