Project Description

Custom install of 1/2″ x 3″ rift and quarter sawn Walnut on radiant heated floor. Installing of custom Walnut stair treads and risers. Finished with Antque Brown stain and Glitsa Swedish Satin
Product type(s): Walnut/ Moldrite

This was a new house build. We had done previous work for the home owner in his other home. He liked our work in the previous home so he ask us to give a price for new flooring. The client wanted a darker floor and we said a Walnut hardwood floor would work in his space to complement the furniture and the color scheme on the walls. The subfloor was concrete radiant heated subfloor of which we glued the Walnut to the concrete. He also want a border around the perimeter of the walls. The client was very easy to work with, knew what he wanted for a finished floor, and we exceeded his expectations.