Project Description

Hakwood Rustic grade Sincere European White Oak hardwood flooring. 5/8″ x 7″ flooring.

Access to this site proved to be the most difficult aspect of this new build Vancouver residence. With access by barge or 150 steps down a steep hill, the site proved a real challenge for our installers delivering the wood. BC Hardwoods procurement team managed to source a local barge to help deliver the wood to site and in fact, the contractor continued to use this transport for all future removals and deliveries to the site. Flexibility in the schedule was a major requirement for the client as constant changes meant our team were on call throughout the building period. Installing up to a reveal with no baseboards and a 15 foot nosing on the upper floor were the feature design challenges on this project. Six sided box treads constructed and installed by BC Hardwood from the wood flooring seamlessly integrated with the customer’s designed metal railing and framing.