The Unmatched Luxury of Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring

There are few materials possessing the charm and personality of wood. From live edge boardroom tables to giant beams, wood adds more than just warmth – it brings hundreds of years of presence and one-of-a-kind character to any room.

While some companies try to synthesize this character in composite materials, BC Hardwood is proud to offer the real deal – and we’re doing everything we can to bring gorgeous and unique wood flooring to our customers. For a long time, this meant being the only wood flooring supplier who carried 7” wide hardwood planks. Nowadays, other companies have followed our efforts, seeking to emphasize the beautiful patterns and natural grains of wood flooring.

And so, to stay ahead of the trend, we’ve been offering planks up to 31” to give you wood flooring with even more character. Despite being difficult to source, wide planks are proving popular with our customers who’ve been requesting 13” – 15” planks in both variable and fixed widths.

Because wider planks create an even richer look than regular plank widths, it’s a great choice for those who love the look of hardwood but want something a little more unique.

Unmatched Presence

Physical dimensions like lofted ceilings and big windows can drastically change the feel of your home. Large rooms with features like these can dwarf average-width hardwood planks, leaving even 7” wide planks looking rather thin.

When you need flooring that will stand up to the magnitude of your home, super-wide hardwood planks can truly shine and bring the whole room together.

Unmatched Character

Wood exudes character, writing its life in the waves and whorls of its grain. Though thinner planks, like those 7” or thinner, capture a slice of that character, wider planks invariably bring more of those gentle curves of the grain and variations in colour to life.

Better yet, wider planks, especially those at 25” or wider, capture the full character of the wood – everything but the live-edge. You can practically read the story of the tree in your flooring, from its long growing seasons to its hard winters.

Unmatched Impact

As old-growth forests have thinned out or been preserved, wider planks taken from those massive trees have become more and more scarce, leading manufacturers to rely on skinnier planks or even strips of hardwood. While these thinner planks have their place, our customers are increasingly drawn to the more classic wider plank – often repurposed from historical buildings.

These repurposed planks, often with nail holes or other signs of hundred-year-old wear, bring not only the history of the lives of the wood, but their decades of use under the feet of farmers, businessmen and even politicians.

Unmatched Heart

When cut, wider planks use up more of the tree which often means using more ‘heartwood’ in each plank. This heartwood has greater density, leading to greater durability in your hardwood flooring.

The Luxury And Warmth Of Wood

We are a little biased, but at BC Hardwood, we believe nothing matches the warmth and luxury of wood, whether you’re using it for beams, stairs, cabinetry or flooring. As an organic building material, it gives more life to rooms, and its beauty only increases at it wears, unlike carpeting or other composite flooring material.

With extra wide planks, the story of the wood truly comes to life and leaves a lasting impression on your family and visitors alike. For more information about your options on plank width, contact us today!