The Ideal Hardwood Flooring Solution Checklist

Get ready, set, prepared for your flooring contractor to install your hardwood

So it’s time to get rid of that old carpet and lay down a sparkling new hardwood floor. Great! But, before you go calling contractors, it’s a good idea to take a moment and plan for this big change.

Surprises are great for birthday parties, but when you’re renovating, surprises only serve to slow down the process and add more stress. So, in order to make the transition from idea to installation as clean, efficient, and surprise-free as possible, here’s a checklist of items you can determine the answers to before calling a hardwood flooring installer:

  • What’s the total square footage required?
  • How much do you want to spend per square foot?
  • When is the ideal time to have your work performed?
  • Who is moving your furniture?
  • Are there stairs and nosings required?
  • Are there neighbours in close proximity? (I.E. Apartment vs House)
  • Are all pets prepared to leave the house?

By answering these questions before you start the process, you’ll make your hardwood flooring contractor’s life easier, saving you time, and getting the process moving as smoothly as possible from your end.

Now that you’ve answered the ideal flooring solution checklist, it’s time to  contact BC Hardwood Floor Co. Ltd. for more guidance, or, check out our  past flooring projects gallery for some flooring inspiration.