Whether renovating, rebuilding or refinishing, hardwood flooring is a great addition to your home. But, just becaue you’ve chosen hardwood doesn’t mean you’re ready to head into the store to start ordering your flooring.

There are many aspects to consider before heading into your chosen hardwood installer, and selecting hardwood is just the beginning of your choices.

BC Hardwood 2018 NFWA Wood Floor of the Year Award

The Wood Floor of the Year Awards were developed to encourage and recognize innovative craftsmanship and design in wood flooring installations. For more about the award, have a look here.

For over 114-years, BC Hardwood has been providing high-quality hardwood flooring installations for Vancouver’s most demanding architects, designers, contractors and individuals. Product innovation plus constant cost and service reviews, coupled with our extensive experience, has provided the base to remain a market leader in the demanding, competitive, and environmentally-conscious market place of the new millennium.

Our installations range from the largest commercial and gymnasium projects, to custom single family contracts and individual re-sanding and finishing. See our projects, visit our showroom, follow us on social media!