Hardwood Floor Sanding and Finishing/Refinishing in Vancouver BC

*NEW! – We’ve recently started offering a brand new UV Elite finishing technology.
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A professional refinishing may be in order two to three times during the life of your floor. Resurfacing with a strong and durable floor finish will restore the floor’s original beauty, and help to protect it.

It is absolutely crucial, for the longevity of your hardwood floor, that only trained professionals refinish your hardwood floor. The wood of your floor may seem quite thick, but depending on how many times the floor has been sanded, there may be only a few millimetres of wood separating the surface from the tops of the installation nails. At BC Hardwood, our installers are trained to gently refinish your floor without detracting from its life.

We put the same care and attention into refinishing floors as we do installing them.

About our Sanding and Finishing Services

Our sanding and finishing services are second to none in terms of quality craftsmanship, diversity of finish options, and overall value. We offer several finishing solutions: Our Glitsa Goldseal system, water based finishes, oil finishes, and even our revolutionary new UV Elite finishing system which cures in hours. Our sanding technicians have some of the most extensive training in the industry, and our custom staining program allows you to choose the color of your new floor in the light of your own home. From commercial and hospitality applications to the most unique custom residential projects, we have many options to suit each specific need. Odor concerns, tight timelines for refinishing, all natural requirements, all of these and more we can accommodate.  Your B.C. hardwood Project Manager can do an on site assessment, often addressing issues others can’t see with our years of experience in all types of buildings. We have state of the art tools that have dust minimization systems to keep your project site as dust free as possible, and our technicians take extensive training in dust protection, utilizing plastic containment and other such systems.

Site Applied Finish Options

Check our Finishes page for available options.

Dust Containment


Refinish your Hardwood Floors without the dust.

We use the most advanced portable dust containment system for hardwood floor sanding.

Our commitment to superior customer service is demonstrated very well in our all new “Atomic” dustless sanding system.

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