How should the hardwood floor be protected during construction?

Consider the type of covering material you use as protection while other trades work on the floor. Be especially aware of radiant heat. Any thick protective covering, such as plywood or Gyproc, will insulate the floor, causing it to overheat. The resulting damage can be [...]

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What is the effect of moisture on hardwood flooring?

Hardwood flooring should be delivered to site kiln dried at between 6 and 8% moisture content. Your subfloor should be within 4% moisture content of the hardwood flooring. Plywood is usually at 12% when purchased from a warehouse that protects its inventory from the elements [...]

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How does moisture find the hardwood?

Moisture from drywall mudding, painting, wet sheathing and wet studs etc. will always migrate to drier materials. For example, from an unheated crawl space, moisture will quickly absorb into dryer plywood, pass through it and occupy the next driest material which is usually hardwood. The [...]

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