2019/2020 BC Hardwood Winter Works Program

This year’s winter works program is now upon us and we are excited to provide special price offerings for a limited time.

From November to February BC Hardwood will have the following hardwood flooring specials to offer.

Holiday re-finishing with dustless sanding

This holiday season is the right time to re-finish your worn hardwood floor. Whether water-base, oil, conversion varnish, or uv cured finish; inquire about our holiday rates to get your floor back to looking its best before hosting your parties and gatherings this winter. Re-sanding your floor is not only more economical and more environmentally responsible, re-finished planks can truly shine and bring the whole room together.

Unsure if your floor can be re-finished? Ask a BCH project manager today!

Refreshing oil floors

In recent years penetrating finishes including natural oil finishes, which can be penetrating oils or hard wax oils have become very popular. They penetrate the pores of the wood, hardening to achieve a durable, long-lasting finish. Although beautiful and durable these finishes need to be maintained and cared for. A “refresh” treatment or re-oiling of the floor can restore and revive the original luster and look of your hardwood floor.

Scrub & clean

Using commercial grade hardwood floor cleaning machines, our technicians use cleaning products compatible with your finish to give your floor the deepest clean. Penetrating bristles remove dirt and debris from the grain and bevels. Perfect for commercial and retail spaces, this service works extremely well for residential floors where an oil treatment can be used afterwards. Excellent rates and very time efficient with no down time to your business or space!

Save on exclusive European products

We are pleased to announce special price offerings on select products from our exclusive European partner mills. Herringbone specials on authentic and colour Hakwood Collections.

Offers on popular wide plank, long length, exotic Stile Afromosia.

Weitzer-Parkett Quadra plank collection offers for a limited time.

A solution for every space

Single or multi unit residential, commercial, retail, industrial, or gymnasiums! BC Hardwood has a revitalizing option for any hardwood floor.

Help the story of the wood truly come to life and leave a lasting impression on your family and visitors alike. Get in touch for more information and take advantage of this year’s winter works program, contact us today!