DSC_0002[1]DSC_0006[1]DSC_0013[1]DSC_0018[1]DSC_0027[1]DSC_0032[1]DSC_0033[1]DSC_0044[1]DSC_0047[1]DSC_0177[1]DSC_0175[1]DSC_0173[1]DSC_0108[1]DSC_0168[1]DSC_0144[1]DSC_0083[1]DSC_0088[1]DSC_0150[1]DSC_0174[1]DSC_0026[1]DSC_0074[1]DSC_0133[1]DSC_0122[1]DSC_0134[1]DSC_0163[1]DSC_0098[1]BC Hardwood officially opened it’s new showroom with a gala event on April 30th.The Interior design community was well represented as many of Vancouver’s top designers were in attendance. Complete with catering, valet parking, and entertainment, the event was a success. A great networking opportunity, BCH was able to proudly show off its new showroom, premium hardwood suppliers both European and north American and established relationships within the design community.